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How do I know my Search Ads are working?

Not all searches are equal. You've bought Search Ads to be choosy & turn searches from only valuable customers into instant calls, enquiries & bookings. You need to make more money from your ads than you spend. Here's what you need to know.

What does success look like in Search Ads?

Search Ads are meant for turning searches from your most valuable customers into instant actions that are good for business, like calls, enquiries & bookings. Success looks like lots of these actions. More importantly, you need to know what one of these actions is worth to your business so you can tell whether you're making more money than you're spending. Here's a quick & easy way to work this out:

  1. What is a 'most valuable customer'?
    They buy big, buy often and advocate for your business, plus you like helping them!
    e.g. Home owners who need expensive renovations, then tell their friends all about it
  2. What are they worth to you?
    How much will they spend on your products & services as long as they're a customer?
    e.g. they make 5 significant transactions with you in their lifetime as a customer to the total value of $10,000
  3. How often do calls, enquiries or bookings become customers?
    How many times out of 10 does a call, enquiry or booking turn into this 'most valuable customer'?
    e.g. 5 out of every 10 callers become new customers
  4. How many calls, enquiries or bookings do you need to maximise your profit?
    What is the overall customer value you need to get to make you more money than you're spending on your campaign? To work this out we've provided a helpful equation below.

What measures actually matter?

To work out the value of your campaign, you just need to ask 3 questions, then apply a simple formula.

  1. How many calls did I get? 
    e.g. 30
  2. How often did the calls become customers?
    e.g. 1/2 of the time
  3. How much did those customers spend & what did it cost you to help them?
    e.g. They spent $500 & it cost $200 to help them, so you made $300

Simple formula for total value of your campaign:

Calls x % converted profit made

e.g. 30 calls x 1/2 the time x $300 = $4,500 value from campaign

How do I see how my Search Ads are going?

You can see how many calls, enquiries & bookings your campaign got in the last month in your monthly report. You can also contact us any time during the month & we can advise which calls you got yesterday were from your Search Ads, or how many calls you have got so far this month.

Why not Google myself?

We recommend that you use our reports to assess your Search Ads performance. Googling yourself repeatedly can have negative impacts on your campaign, & the more you do it the less likely you are to see yourself. For more info on this, check out "Why might I not be able to see my ad when I search for it on Google?"

When do I get updates?

You will receive monthly reports on all our services that will tell you how your ads are being interacted with by customers. As long as you've got your measurement tools set up, the first thing you'll see will be how many calls, enquiries & bookings you've had in the last month as a result of your Search Ads.

Your report will also answer the following questions:

What is the cost of one "Search Ads" click?

How do I find out what keywords are being used for my Search Ads campaign?

What if I have questions, or need to check in mid-month?

You can also contact us any time and we can let you know which calls, enquiries & bookings you got yesterday were from your ads, as well as how many you've got this month so far or any range of dates. We love feedback - it helps us run a better campaign. It's one of the many ways you can help us drive more ROI from your Search Ads.

How do I maximise my ROI from Search Ads?

There are a number of ways we can be a winning team, & drive even better results for your business. Check out our tips on driving more ROI from Search Ads for more info.

We provide call tracking and website measurement to ensure our ads achieve this. Your reports will show you how many calls, online sales and emails our ads have got you. We'll work with you to ensure these interactions relate to business success.