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How do I maximise my ROI from Search Ads?

You can help us help you in a number of ways. Collaboration helps us turn more searches into valuable customers. We're optimising every month, but your feedback & effort helps. Here's how.

What can I do to turn more searches into customers?

There are some simple things you can do from day 1 of your Google Search Ads campaign to make sure you get more from your campaign. Once someone calls or inquires, how will you turn them into a customer? Are your people set up to sell? How delightful can you make the experience for your new customer? Here are a few steps to consider:

  1. Get the phones ready
    Do you have a rockstar team member you can put on the phone to answer calls from people who click on your ad? Putting your best person on the phone will ensure your Ad dollars go to good use.
  2. Follow up quickly to email inquiries & bookings
    Your customers may be reaching out to many businesses to get quotes or ask questions. Did you know that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that calls back first? (Hubspot). Fast response time is one of the biggest drivers of success in following up with your customers.

What can I do to share meaningful insights with Yellow?

There are some easy ones here, from telling us more about your customers to simply asking them how they found you. Here's what you can do.

  1. Ask customers how they found you
    Whether you can track them digitally or just do the best you can - that little bit of insight goes a long way when you feed this back to our analysts.
  2. Keep track of what your customers spend with you
    A big part of maximising your ROI from your campaigns is knowing how to measure it. If you're not sure what a customer is worth to you, start keeping track of a few customers' purchases and use this to evaluate which customers end up being more valuable & also what a good customer is worth to you.
  3. Let us know about what your calls and customers are like
    We work on your campaign to make it better each month. The best work happens when we collaborate. We love feedback - especially when it helps us see how much more valuable searches from some customers are than others.

Helping Yellow measure success

We've taken a bunch of market-leading software and condensed it down into one simple code to put on your site. You may need a hand from your website person to get it onto your site, but the difference it can make is huge.

Free website measurement

Included for FREE with your Search Ads is a free website measurement setup, using the best-in-class tools of the trade. We go beyond measuring visits to your site & can tell you when people submit forms, click phone numbers or email addresses & make bookings. If you receive that code and are not sure what to do, give us a ring & we can point you in the right direction.

Free call tracking

Included in the code we sent you above is the ability to measure the calls you get from only people who have seen your ads. This is also for FREE. We set up an unique number that only people who see or click your ads will see. We count the calls from this number and even map it back to the search the caller made before they dialed. This will explain why you see a different number in your ad on Google.