Yellow online store setup checklist

Checklist of things you will need to have at hand as you set up your Yellow online store

Before you start setting up your store, collect the following information. Follow the checklist below or download a printable copy 


For your online store website

✅  Review the website setup guide - click here

✅  Find a website banner image (optional but recommended). This can be changed at any time in the future

✅  About Us. A paragraph or two describing your company

✅  Your website name , we will add "" to the end of the site eg


For your online store account

We use the online store provider to manage your store products. For us to register your company with Shopify (step 3 in your email), we will need:

✅  Your bank account number - This is where your order payments will be deposited

✅  Store Email address -  An email address for you store, if different from your main email

✅  Your IRD number - required by for their taxation 

✅  Identity Photo - An image of either the back page of your passport, or both sides of your driving license

✅  Shopify login details - We will send you an email with your Shopify login details once you have provided us with your company details (step 3 in your email)

For your online store products

To set up your products, you may want to start with a single product or many products. For each product you will need:

✅  An image of the product (this can be changed at any time)

✅  The product name

✅  The product description

✅  The price of your product

✅  The stock level for your product

✅  Optionally you may want to add colours, sizes etc, but these can be added or changed at any time


What Next

Your are now ready to continue your store setup. Go back to your order email and follow Step 2