When will my website show in Google

You have purchased and created your new website. When will you see it in a google search?

There is not a straight forward answer as to when Google will show your website in a search. However, Yellow will ensure that Google has all the information it needs to know about your new website:

  • As we automatically build your website, we will inform Google that this website has been created
  • If you update the content on your website, we will again inform Google that a change has taken place to your website
  • Google will then add your website to their list of websites to "crawl". Crawling your website means that Google will scan your website, and add it to their incredibly complicated (and secret) set of rules as to when to show your website in a search.
  • So when will Google crawl my website?  This is totally in Googles hands, but you should hopefully see results after about one month.